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Matt Aboussie
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"Is there anything better than wild sockeye salmon? They won't be in #PNW rivers for a few more months so I'm currently getting my fix from @wildalaskadirect. "
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"Beautiful fillets! I grew up in Alaska, and I haven't been able to find anything this good since I lived there."
James M.
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"Even my grandkids love your salmon and it's very hard to get them to eat anything good for them! "
Juliet W.
Best Farmer's Market Vendor
"And if the dad in question is like most dads, he already has his fair share of tongs, trays, tools and toys. Here’s an idea: How about something that actually gets cooked on the grill? Like, for instance, a box of wild, sustainably-sourced, sockeye salmon from Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay? "
Mail-Order Salmon for Dad (+ A Fave Recipe)
DinnerALoveStory.com - June 03, 2016
"“We live in cabins and put out gill-net-style nets. The life cycle for sockeye is about three years. They reach peak maturity and return to the same rivers they were born in, females to lay eggs, males to fertilize. They swim up fingers of these big rivers where they spawn and die, and their carcasses feed new salmon, bears. It’s a beautiful, pretty complete circle of life.”"
Catch Matt Aboussie's Salmon at the Boulder Farmers' Market
WestWord - May 04, 2016
""We live alongside bears and caribou, belugas and seals," he says. "Our whole lifestyle is based around fishing and the work that comes with it. Our schedule is dictated by the tides." In the village, inhabited only during salmon season. Fisherman live in small cabins, but mostly they work, hauling in salmon catches of several tons from nets 50 fathoms long, with 6 feet in a fathom."
Alaska salmon from Bristol Bay to your plate in Boulder
Boulder Daily Camera
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