Wild Alaska Direct - F.A.Q.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Nutritional Information can be found here: Fda.gov



How does shipping work?


  • Our salmon ships from Alaska to our main shipping facility in Kansas City, MO. From there, it ships in individual boxed directly to customers doors. This drives down shipping costs substantially, allowing us to offer premium prices directly to our customers. 

  • All our salmon ships in specialized insulated containers with dry ice or ice packs to ensure that your salmon will arrive frozen, we guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Our inventory system does not 'hold' orders, please order when you're ready.
  • You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order is packed and shipped, so you'll know exactly when to expect delivery. 

  • Your order will arrive in 1-3 days depending on your location. Because of our central lower-48 distribution hub, we do not ship to to Alaska or Hawaii. 

      Do you sell other kinds of salmon?

      • We only sell Alaska Sockeye Salmon, and because Alaskan sockeye are the best tasting, best eating, most nutritious salmon available anywhere.

      • We believe in sustainability. Sockeye salmon in Western Alaska are robust in number, and benefit from an industry leading fishery management system that yields sustainable harvests, year after year.  We do not sell species of salmon that are over-harvested, or under stress from pollution or habitat destruction.

        Do you sell whole salmon fillets?

        • At the moment, we only sell our salmon fillets in portioned pieces. This is for two reasons:

        1. We have learned through years of selling salmon direct to our customers at markets that the portioned pieces work very well for everyone.  Need dinner for one?  Thaw one piece.  Cooking for all your friends?  Cook as many as you need, with very little left-overs.

        2. Smaller portions fit in a box that is easier to ship, and they're much easier to fit in any freezer. 

          Does your salmon have bones?

          • No.*  The bones, called pin-bones are removed when the salmon is filleted, just before getting vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen.

          *Note: The process to remove bones is not perfect, and it is possible for an occasional bone to remain in the salmon fillets.

            Where does your salmon come from?

            • All of our salmon is wild caught in Alaska, in fisheries in the western and southern part of the state, primarily Bristol Bay.

            • We source our salmon from fisheries and processors producing the the best quality sockeye salmon in Alaska. They are filleted and packed to our specifications, allowing us to select the most premium quality fillets available from year to year.

            Map of Alaska Sockeye Habitat

            Do you catch all the salmon yourself?

            • No. We have longstanding relationships with premium salmon processors in Alaska where we source our salmon.

            What's the best way to cook wild Sockeye Salmon?

            • We have our favorite recipes, check out our recipe page to try them out.

            • Grilled, baked, seared, or smoked - Sockeye salmon is versatile, and great for any recipe.

            • Wild Sockeye Salmon cooks very quickly! When the salmon starts to feel firm in the thickest part, take off the heat and enjoy! 

            Nutritional data can be found here: fda.gov