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Our Salmon

Natural. Vibrant. Bold & Flavorful.

Wild Alaska Direct—home of the world’s finest salmon

The ultimate superfood, wild sockeye salmon is the most nutritious salmon in the world.

Wild Caught & 100% Natural

  • Wild caught, never farm raised - all our Sockeye Salmon is harvested from clean, cold, pristine Alaska waters.

  • No chemicals, no dye, no hormones, no antibiotics—just 100% pure wild caught Alaska sockeye salmon.

  • Packed with omega-3’s, astaxanthin, healthy fats, vitamins including B6, B12, A, D, and niacin.

Premium Quality

Alaska sockeye salmon is world-famous for its rich ruby-red color, unmatched flavor, and flawless flaky texture. Our hand-cut fillets are the perfect center-plate item for any occasion.

  • Freshness is the difference – your salmon is harvested during the height of the Alaska salmon season, and flash-frozen at the time of catch to lock-in both flavor and freshness.

Sustainably Sourced

  • Responsible fishing methods – our salmon is caught under the watchful eye of Alaska's state fishery management system, ensuring plentiful catches for generations to come.

  • Long-term conservation – Alaska fisheries are carefully monitored for population and habitat health.

  • Education and Commitment – we work to protect wild salmon across the North Pacific through education, awareness, and advocacy campaigns.

Wholesale Pricing

  • 10-pounds, 20-pounds, or more! Our boxes are the perfect size for any freezer, allowing you to enjoy delicious wild salmon all year round.

  • Our savings is your savings – larger quantities allow for lower packaging and freight costs, those low costs enable us to offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Always Free Shipping

  • Packed with dry-ice in a specialized shipping cooler, your salmon will arrive perfectly frozen every time. As soon as your salmon ships, you’ll receive a unique tracking number, allowing you to track your fish all the way to your doorstep.